After all entire job or hard work which is related to computers will be useless without Search engine optimisation having proper anti-virus software, firewall, VPN, and content security. To serve Corona IT’s customer in the right direction, Corona IT UK provides third-party software and constancy service to use them correctly.

The Annual and very popular Inventors Showcase exhibition will take place at Millennium Point in Birmingham on the 20th November 2016. The event is open to all but Inventors Showcase are urging any budding inventors to get in touch as the event will be the perfect place to showcase their products/ideas. "The event will be attended by all our key investors and their representatives as well as key media personnel, it's a must for any serious inventor who is looking to get their products/ideas noticed" said Dawn Sargent, Director of Inventors Showcase.

Our specialist project management and web design team work together to:

The Nuptial knot is a wonderful best selling idea from America that is bringing back the medieval tradition of "tying the knot". Years ago during wedding ceremonies a knot was tied to symbolise togetherness and to bring good luck to the couple, this tradition is seeing a massive comeback in America and Casey Jones believes the UK will be next to embrace this ancient traditions comeback.

Bk is an established company specialising in barcode solutions, and services, these are:

  • Provide online business strategy
  • Plan, build and host effective ecommerce, brochure and database driven websites
  • Design and build easy-to-use Content Management Systems
  • Create Corporate Identities
  • Develop Search Engine Optimisation Strategies
  • Integrate online and offline marketing

The Press Association: PM voices concern at directors' pay

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